Rachana Vishnudas Prabhu

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Identification plays a very important role in any crime investigation. Cheiloscopy helps in identifying the humans based on the lips' traces. The pattern of wrinkles on the lips has individual characteristics like fingerprints. A review of the literature reveals very little research done on lip prints so far. The present article reviews in detail the(More)
AIM To investigate the prevalence of the talon cusps in a sample of Indian dental patients and their distribution among different types of teeth. To determine the presence of other dental anomalies associated with the talon cusps. METHOD 2740 out patients (1523 males and 1217 females) attending Oral Medicine department from November 2010 to January 2011(More)
AIM To evaluate the uniqueness and to define a standard method for the analysis of lip prints. MATERIALS AND METHODS Lip prints of 100 students were taken using Scotch tape without any distortion. These prints were then scanned for the digital analysis. Using Adobe Photoshop 7 software an attempt was made to trace each and every line using Suzuki and(More)
Dens evaginatus (DE) and dens invaginatus (DI) are developmental anomalies that affect the shape of the teeth. Although they have been found singly and in association with other developmental anomalies in the same patient, it is uncommon to observe these two anomalies in the same tooth. There are only a few published cases of concurrent DI and DE in the(More)
AIM To find the incidence of different types of lip patterns, the dominant pattern, quadrant wise, amongst the Goan population. To assess, the quadrant wise differences in lip patterns among males and females and to report new lip print pattern in Goan population. METHODOLOGY Lip prints of 100 students studying in Goa Dental College & Hospital were taken(More)
Radicular cyst is the most common odontogenic cyst occurring in the jaws. The cyst is commonly found in relation to the maxillary anterior teeth in the third and fifth decade of life. Although multiple radicular cysts are not uncommon in the jaws, bilaterally symmetrical representation of these cysts is rare. Radiographs prior to extraction help in(More)
Fusion has been described as a developmental anomaly characterized by the union of two adjacent teeth. Few cases of this rare anomaly in primary dentition have been reported in Indian population. A rare case of bilateral fusion between primary mandibular lateral incisors and canines is presented in this report.
Teeth are the most indestructible part of human body, they preserve well in traumatic settings hence developing teeth are used most reliably in age estimation. The present study was conducted to estimate the age in South Indian children using Schour and Massler method and to evaluate the efficacy of this method by comparing with the chronologic age. The(More)
The present paper aims to review the literature on increasing health care challenges and needs of a growing Indian geriatric population. It also focuses on the need to overcome the shortfalls in its current oral health status in elderly. This review is based on a PubMed database search engine published in the period from 1990 to 2010 in various dental(More)