Rachana Bhatt

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From 1994 to 2009, forty-three states changed the design of their driver's license/state identification cards in an effort to reduce underage access to and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. In these states, individuals under the age of 21 are issued licenses that are vertically oriented, whereas licenses for individuals 21 and older retain a traditional(More)
  • Fernando Álvarez-Parra, Juan M. Sanchez, +11 authors Gianluca Violante
  • 2015
We consider the problem of optimal unemployment insurance (UI) in a repeated moral hazard framework. Unlike existing literature, unemployed individuals can secretly participate in a hidden labor market. This extension modifies the standard problem in three dimensions. First, it imposes an endogenous lower bound for the lifetime utility that a contract can(More)
We use non-experimental data from a large panel of schools and districts to evaluate curricular effectiveness. Using matching methods, we estimate causal curriculum effects at a fraction of what it would cost to produce experimental estimates. Furthermore, external validity concerns that are particularly cogent in experimental curricular evaluations suggest(More)
Chemical modifications of polyhydroxyalkanoates are important to improve the properties and increase the applicability of PHAs in different fields. In the present study using grafting method, the graft of PHAMCL produced by Comamonas testosteroni was synthesized using acrylic acid and Ocarboxymethylchitosan as a backbone. Successful synthesis of(More)
Do individuals engage in beneficial activities, like recreational reading, if the necessary materials are easily accessible and relatively inexpensive? I investigate this issue by estimating how much reading time increases as a result of public library use. To address the endogeneity of library use I use an IV approach where the instrument is a household’s(More)
The large number of overweight children in the U.S. has led school administrators and researchers to examine how aspects of the school environment affect children’s dietary behavior and health. In addition to consuming nutrient rich food and exercising regularly, nutritionists have suggested that it is important for children to have an adequate amount of(More)
EVALUATING OCCUPATIONAL OUTCOMES AND INTERVENTIONS IN SCHOOLS BY JULIA ANN MANZELLA AUGUST 2015 Committee Chair: Dr. Barry T. Hirsch Major Department: Economics This dissertation consists of three distinct yet inter-related research papers in labor economics, each with relevance for public policy. The first chapter examines the role of wage differentials(More)
Medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoates (mcl-PHA) and different rubbers; namely natural rubber, nitrile rubber and butadiene rubber were blended at room temperature using solution blending technique. Blends constituted 5%, 10% and 15% of mcl-PHA in different rubbers. Thermogravimetric analysis of mcl-PHA showed the melting temperature of the polymer(More)