Rachana Ashok Gupta

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– Networked Control System (NCS) has been one of the main research focuses in academia as well as in industry for many decades and has become a multidisciplinary area. With these growing research trends, it is important to consolidate the latest knowledge and information to keep up with the research needs. In this paper, the NCS and its different forms are(More)
Network controllers (NC) are devices that are capable of converting dynamic, spatially-extended, and functionally-specialized modules into a taskable, goal-oriented group called: Networked Control System (NCS). This paper examines the practical aspects of designing and building a network controller that uses internet as a communication medium. It focuses on(More)
Radio links exhibit highly unpredictable properties such as variable bandwidth and bit error rates that affect the performance of applications in wireless networks. Besides, another critical concern is the protection of applications due to shared and open wireless medium. However, protection services add additional performance overhead to carry out their(More)
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