Rachael Quigley

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Human ovulation is not advertised, as it is in several primate species, by conspicuous sexual swellings. However, there is increasing evidence that the attractiveness of women's body odor, voice, and facial appearance peak during the fertile phase of their ovulatory cycle. Cycle effects on facial attractiveness may be underpinned by changes in facial skin(More)
An adult dog with ataxia and a lingual mass, previously diagnosed as protothecosis, was euthanized. At the postmortem examination, the lingual mass, regions of the lungs and hilar lymph nodes, liver, mesenteric and sublumbar lymph nodes, and spinal meninges had pronounced green discoloration. Histologically, pyogranulomatous inflammation and algal organisms(More)
The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a 6.6 m diameter, segmented, deployable telescope for cryogenic IR space astronomy (~40 K). The JWST observatory architecture includes the optical telescope element (OTE) and the integrated science instrument module (ISIM) element that contains four science instruments (SI) including a guider. The SI's and Guider are(More)
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