Rachael Moore

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This study investigated the effect of two anti-pronation taping techniques on vertical navicular height, an indicator of foot pronation, after its application and 20 min of exercise. The taping techniques were: the low dye (LD) and low dye with the addition of calcaneal slings and reverse sixes (LDCR). A repeated measures study was used. It found that LDCR(More)
An underwater acoustic telemetry modem is presented for ecological research (Eco-sensing) applications. The modem is intended for the physical layer (PHY) in an Ad hoc network of “AquaNodes”. Each AquaNode will incorporate an acoustic modem, router and host processor with standardized interfaces to oceanographic sensors. The transmitted waveforms use a(More)
Sprague-Dawley rats given either 5 or 10 mg/kg of a new compound, BMY 21502, 150 mg/kg of piracetam or a dose of methylcellulose vehicle (p.o.) daily for 38 days beginning two days before training were compared on performance of a win-stay water-escape task in a circular water maze requiring the use of working memory. The task involved giving the rats pairs(More)
BACKGROUND A handpiece with a 35 × 22-mm treatment window that uses vacuum technology has been designed for the diode laser system. Vacuum suction stretches the skin and brings the hair follicle closer to the surface with the intent to damage the hair follicle at a lower surface fluence. The objective of this study was to compare the degree of follicular(More)
Our findings indicate that the Micro CT is able to provide 3D images of surgical specimens, which can identify, within 10 minutes, most of those breast cancer patients later found to be margin positive on pathological analysis as well as to identify a small number of patients whose cancers appear to be margin positive on Micro CT alone. Micro CT can also(More)
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