Rachael Martin

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Research using schematic faces has consistently demonstrated attentional biases towards threatening information (angry faces), which are accentuated for individuals with higher levels of anxiety. However, research has yet to reveal whether this is the case for other nonverbal channels of communication. In the research reported here, ninety-five(More)
PURPOSE Four-dimensional computed tomography (4D CT) is often used to define the internal gross target volume (IGTV) for radiation therapy of lung cancer. Traditionally, this technique requires the use of an external motion surrogate; however, a new image, data-driven 4D CT, has become available. This study aims to describe this data-driven 4D CT and(More)
PURPOSE Many patients could benefit from being treated in an upright position. The objectives of this study were to determine whether cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) could be used to acquire upright images for treatment planning and to demonstrate whether reconstruction of upright images maintained accurate geometry and Hounsfield units (HUs). (More)
PURPOSE 4D CT imaging in mice is important in a variety of areas including studies of lung function and tumor motion. A necessary step in 4D imaging is obtaining a respiratory signal, which can be done through an external system or intrinsically through the projection images. A number of methods have been developed that can successfully determine the(More)
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