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The identities and relative amounts of the major metabolites in rat thyroids 6 h after the administration of [14C]propylthiouracil ([14C]PTU) have been investigated. Rat thyroid extracts were chromatographed on columns of Bio-Gel P-2 and DEAE-Sephadex and in various thin layer chromatography systems. The extracts contained protein-bound PTU metabolites; an(More)
Pearl millet [Pennisetum millet (L.) leeke] is the main source of food energy for the rural poor in many areas of the semiarid tropics. Epidemiological evidence suggests that millet may play a role in the genesis of endemic goiter in these areas, and sparse experimental data in rats support this suspicion. This study was undertaken to determine in vivo in(More)
OBJECTIVE To prospectively observe and compare injury patterns between hypermobile and nonhypermobile NCAA athletes. DESIGN AND SETTING Athletes were screened for generalized joint hypermobility before the 1995 lacrosse season. Injuries were recorded through the end of the postseason and compared in hypermobile and nonhypermobile athletes. SUBJECTS A(More)
Millet diets rich in C-glycosylflavones (C-GF) are goitrogenic, and its three most abundant C-GF inhibit in vitro thyroid peroxidase, suggesting that these compounds are the goitrogens in millet. However, proof of a cause and effect relationship between C-GF and goitrogenesis requires a demonstration of in vivo antithyroid activity by the purified isolated(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of joint hypermobility in a group of adolescent, interscholastic athletes. DESIGN Cross-sectional; descriptive or observational. SETTING Free preparticipation physical examinations for sports. SUBJECTS Two hundred and sixty-four athletes (150 male, 114 female; average age, 15.5 years) comprised the entire set of(More)
Goiter in iodine-sufficient areas has been linked to water-borne goitrogens in watersheds and aquifers rich in coal and shale. In the present study, the potential antithyroid and goitrogenic effects of coal-water extracts (CWE) were investigated in vivo in rats after chronic and acute oral administration of CWE, and in vitro by a thyroid peroxidase (TPO)(More)