Rachael Joanne Hutchinson

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Certain spinal-cord (SC) neoplasms, principally lipomas and dermoid tumors, have been diagnosed in association with characteristic neuroskeletal malformations thought to result from neural-tube defects (NTD). To our knowledge, no such association has been recognized for primary primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the SC (PNET-SC), an SC malignancy which has(More)
Systolic time intervals are of value in measuring left ventricular function. The ratio of the pre-ejection period to the left ventricular ejection time (PEP/LVET) was determined serially in 60 children with cancer receiving anthracycline drugs. Measurements were examined for their predictive value in determining incipient anthracycline cardiomyopathy. An(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment strategies involving dose intensification have recently demonstrated improvements in cure compared with older trials. However, dose-intensive therapy is associated with increased acute and long-term toxicities, particularly in pediatric patients. The Children's Cancer Group initiated this pilot study to assess the feasibility and(More)
Relapsed congenital talipes equinovarus is difficult to assess and treat. Pedobarography provides dynamic measurement of the pressures under the foot, and may be used in the assessment of these patients both before and after operation. Our findings showed a statistically significant difference in the distribution of pressure across the foot after treatment(More)
Surgical synovectomy employed in the management of hemophilic arthropathy has been contraindicated in patients with inhibitors because of potential difficulties in achieving hemostasis. However, the development of activated prothrombin-complex concentrates has improved the management of hemophiliacs with inhibitors, particularly those with high levels of(More)
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