Rachael Hodder

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In this poster, we present user experience research demonstrating that current tools designed to facilitate conference communication and organization fail to support the needs of attendees and the goals of academia in general. Current conference technologies have failed to support the scholarly exchange of ideas at conferences, both in effectively(More)
Recent advances in computer technology, including high bit-density storage, digital imaging, and the ability to interface microprocessors with videodisk, create enormous opportunities in the field of medical education. This program, utilizing a personal computer, videodisk, BASIC language, a linked textfile system, and a triangulation approach to the(More)
CMAJ asked Dr. Richard Hodder, the respirologist who treated Bill Trent (see following article), to offer his perspective on the war against smoking. In this article he recalls some of the patients he lost because of smoking and the steps that should be taken to combat tobacco use.
The pharmacokinetics of sodium cromoglycate in four healthy volunteers after slow intravenous infusion have been evaluated following measurement of plasma concentrations by radioimmunoassay. The results confirm earlier findings that sodium cromoglycate is rapidly eliminated from the body and that the data can be fitted to a two compartment open model. The(More)
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