Rachael Hasselbeck

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BACKGROUND Elimination of hospital-acquired infections is an important patient safety goal. SETTING All 174 medical, cardiac, surgical and mixed Veterans Administration (VA) intensive care units (ICUs). INTERVENTION A centralised infrastructure (Inpatient Evaluation Center (IPEC)) supported the practice bundle implementation (handwashing, maximal(More)
Patient safety checklists are ubiquitous in health care. Nurses bear significant responsibility for ensuring checklist adherence. To report nonadherence to a checklist and stop an unsafe procedure, a workplace climate of psychological safety is needed. Thus, an analysis of organizational data was conducted to examine the relationship between psychological(More)
BACKGROUND Veterans Health Administration (VA) intensive care units (ICUs) develop an infrastructure for quality improvement using information technology and recruiting leadership. METHODS Setting Participation by the 183 ICUs in the quality improvement program is required. Infrastructure includes measurement (electronic data extraction, analysis),(More)
Nurses satisfied with their jobs report less job stress, more effective nurse-physician collaboration, and higher patient satisfaction scores. It is unknown if job satisfaction influences adherence to best practices or patient outcomes. This secondary data analysis investigated the relationship between job satisfaction, adherence to the central line(More)
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