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UNLABELLED A previously fit and well 57-year-old gentleman who had recently undergone a colonoscopy and biopsy of a polyp presented with a 4-day history of progressive breathlessness and abdominal discomfort. The day after admission, he became haemodynamically unstable, developed ischaemic legs and suffered a brief cardiac arrest. Blood tests demonstrated a(More)
Understanding the fundamental factors influencing the epidemiology of wildlife disease is essential to determining the impact of disease on individual health and population dynamics. The host–pathogen–environment relationship of the endangered Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) and the parasitic hookworm, Uncinaria sanguinis, was investigated in(More)
A placebo-controlled study was used to investigate the effectiveness of ivermectin to treat hookworm (Uncinaria sanguinis) and lice (Antarctophthirus microchir) infections in free-ranging Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) pups and to test the hypotheses that these parasitic infections cause anaemia, systemic inflammatory responses, and reduced growth,(More)
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