Rachael D Giles

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Acute pulmonary silicoproteinosis, massive proteinuria and fatal renal failure developed in a 23 year old male sandblaster. Examination of the kidney by immunofluorescence revealed granular deposits of immunoglobulin M (IgM) and the third component of complement (C3) along the glomerular basement membrane. Light microscopy disclosed mild proliferative(More)
Four men developed silicosis after sandblasting tombstones for an average of 35 months; 3 of them died an average of 59 months after their first exposure to sandblasting. Lung tissue demonstrated noncaseating granulomas and silicotic nodules involving small arteries and veins in 3 patients and alveolar proteinosis in 2. X-ray energy spectrometry showed(More)
Rat spermatozoa collected by micropuncture from the cauda epididymidis are immotile when diluted in cell-free cauda epididymidal fluid but are vigorously motile when diluted in 0.154 M NaCl. Removal of proteins from cauda fluid by heat precipitation or enzymatic digestion reduces the ability of cauda fluid to keep cauda sperm immotile. Cauda sperm diluted(More)
A wide range of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease products are soon to be released onto the inhaled therapies market and differentiation between these devices will help them to gain market share over their competitors. Current legislation is directing healthcare towards being more efficient and cost-effective in order to continually provide(More)
Micropuncture samples were taken from rats treated with 2.9 mg oestradiol valerate/day for 14 days, sham injected or untreated. Oestradiol valerate treatment reduced testicular weight and serum testosterone concentrations (P less than 0.05), but did not alter the movement of [3H]inulin into seminiferous tubules or those of the cauda epididymidis. [3H]Inulin(More)
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