Rachael Courtney

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BACKGROUND The cardiac muscle cell ceases to divide shortly after birth; this cessation is followed by a limited period when DNA synthesis and karyokinesis occur without cytokinesis. The regulation of this process is not known. The purpose of this study is to explore the possible events that could lead to the cessation of cardiac muscle cell division. One(More)
BACKGROUND Some pediatric patients, typically those that are very young or felt to be especially sick are temporarily admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for observation during their first transfusion. If a significant reaction that requires ICU management does not occur, these patients are then transferred to a regular ward where future blood(More)
We present an infant with 2 simultaneous, but histologically distinct tumors with a novel germline p53 mutation. The child was found to have a paraspinal neuroblastoma, a concurrent adrenal cortical carcinoma, and an I162F p53 gene mutation. We review the associations of germline p53 mutations (or Li-Fraumeni syndrome) with both tumor types and the current(More)
The Pasco Gram-negative identification system was evaluated for use with nonfermenting organisms. Of 127 isolates tested, 109 (86%) were correctly identified to the species level. A total of 91% (93 of 102 isolates) of the Pseudomonas-Xanthomonas group and the Acinetobacter group were correctly identified to the species level. The system was found to be(More)
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