Rachael Brady

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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) supports survival of 50% of visceral afferent neurons in the nodose/petrosal sensory ganglion complex (NPG; Ernfors et al., 1994a; Jones et al., 1994; Conover et al., 1995; Liu et al., 1995; Erickson et al., 1996), including arterial chemoafferents that innervate the carotid body and are required for development of(More)
The everyday use of virtual reality systems is creating a need for user interface design guidelines for application developers. Programmers are beginning to develop and distribute user interface toolkits. As a result, de facto standards are emerging. The technology has matured to a point that usability studies are necessary in order to understand the(More)
DiVE into Alcohol is a 3D virtual reality experience to learn about the process of oxidation and the importance of gene polymorphisms on biochemical kinetics and alcoholism risk. The program was developed by a team of undergraduate students in an Independent Study in Science Education course at Duke, under the direction of Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom, Professor(More)
Collaborations between artists, engineers, and scientists often occur when creating new media works. These interdisciplinary efforts must overcome the ideals and practical-limitations inherent in both artistic and research pursuits. In turn, successful projects may truly be greater than the sum of their parts, enabling each collaborator to gain insight into(More)
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