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The mountain environments of mid-latitude Europe and Arctic Russia contain widespread evidence of Late-Quaternary glaciers that have been prescribed to the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). This glacial-geological record has yet to be used to quantitatively reconstruct the LGM climate of these regions. Here we describe a simple 5 glacier-climate model that can be(More)
An experimental and theoretical methodology is proposed to calculate the permeability of microcapsules that contain a core of oil-based active ingredient. Theoretical analysis is performed considering the polydispersity of the measurable capsule size, which allows the estimation of the permeability polydispersity via three different methods. The models(More)
Increasing complexity and manufacturing costs, along with the fundamental limits of planar CMOS devices, threaten to slow down the historical pace of progress in the semiconductor industry. We report herein an efficient, low-cost, " greener " way to fabricate dual-damascene copper (Cu) on-chip interconnect or Back-End-Of-the-Line (BEOL) structures using a(More)
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