Rachael A Roberts

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BACKGROUND The objectives of this study were to compare both subjective clinical outcomes and the objective stress response of laparoscopic and open abdominal rectopexy in patients with full-thickness rectal prolapse. Abdominal rectopexy for patients with rectal prolapse is well suited for a laparoscopic approach as no resection or anastomosis is necessary.(More)
BACKGROUND A prospective, three-armed, randomized, controlled trial was performed to assess whether pelvic floor exercises with biofeedback using anal manometry or transanal ultrasound are superior to pelvic floor exercises with feedback from digital examination alone in terms of continence, quality of life, physiologic sphincter strength, and compliance.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine plasma erythropoietin levels and their association with hemoglobin and reticulocyte counts in healthy term infants. DESIGN We compared plasma erythropoietin levels measured in serial blood samples obtained every 4 weeks during the first 6 months of life with one another and with levels in term fetuses and healthy adults. Correlation(More)
From 1977 through 1980, 251 veterans from the San Francisco Bay Area received permanent lower-extremity prostheses at the two local Veterans Administration hospitals. For a survey, 213 of the 251 were contacted and 179 of them (84%) responded to written or telephone questionnaires concerning their prosthetic problems and complaints and their recommendations(More)
BACKGROUND The etiology and significance of port site recurrence occurring after laparoscopic-assisted resection for colorectal cancers will not be determined until controlled clinical trials determine if it is a predictor of outcome. Indirect evidence in support of transcoelomic spread of viable cancer cells to port sites during resection can be postulated(More)
In this study the current use of suction suspension for below-knee prostheses is examined by means of two questionnaire surveys. The experience of 56 below-knee (B-K) amputees wearing suction socket prostheses is evaluated comparing suction prostheses with previously worn limbs. A high degree of satisfaction was found, with amputees on the whole reporting(More)
A four-bar polycentric prosthetic knee linkage developed by the University of California Biomechanics Laboratory (UCBL) was tested clinically in 20 active veteran above-knee amputees. The mean follow-up period was 12.3 months. At final follow-up evaluation, positive subjective responses were reported by 80% of the amputees. More than one-third reported that(More)
BACKGROUND Radiotherapy reduces local recurrence rates but is also capable of short- and long-term toxicity. It may also render treatment of local recurrence more challenging if it develops despite previous radiotherapy. OBJECTIVE This study examined the impact of radiotherapy for the primary rectal cancer on outcomes after pelvic exenteration for local(More)
PURPOSE The goal of this study was to determine if the postnatal changes in plasma transferrin receptor (TfR) levels in healthy infants were associated with changes in erythropoiesis or iron status. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Longitudinal blood samples were obtained monthly from healthy term infants fed iron-fortified formula for the first 7 months and analyzed(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess the long-term clinical and quality of life outcomes for patients after referral to a four-month treatment program for fecal incontinence based on pelvic floor exercises and biofeedback. Secondary objectives were to document patients' subsequent treatment activities and their perception of the biofeedback training;(More)