Rachael A. Clemens

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In this study, we seek to understand how providing feedback to users about their performances with an interactive information retrieval (IIR) system impacts their evaluations of that system. Sixty subjects completed three recall-based searching tasks with an experimental IIR system and were asked to evaluate the system after each task and after finishing(More)
Executive Summary Video is becoming increasingly important to digital libraries and archives, both as a primary content type and as context for other collection objects. Videos included in collections may be works unto themselves; documentary evidence of people, places, and events core to a collection mission; or documentary evidence for primary objects in(More)
An operating room project with a goal of $1.5 million in savings was undertaken by New York Hospital, an academic medical center in New York City. The ORs were chosen because of their logistic and operational problems, but also because they serve as a microcosm of the hospital. An OR model could be integrated into overall productivity efforts.
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