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The Gamma-Ray scanning technique effective means for the diagnosis and identification of installations and process's problems in general and in particular in the case of distillation columns without aborting the production process. Because of the different difficulties that can complicate a scan's profile interpretation and in order to benefit from the(More)
The aim of this research is to search for the distribution of blood groups in all the regions of Morocco. This study, done for the first time, aimed to provide the frequency of the Rhesus system and Kell (K) in more than 55000 blood donors from nine different regions around the country. In addition, the frequency of the Cellano, Duffy, Kidd, and MNS blood(More)
The radiation measuring instrument, called Nibras, associated to a special data processing software for Column scanning is a new data acquisition system. It was developed to scan and to plot density profiles, inside a distillation column, which illustrates the activity of the radiations able to cross the contents of the column. Nibras is an autonomous data(More)
Motion planning for a robot and a movable object amidst polygonal obstacles. A new geometrical approach to planing manipulation tasks. the case of a circular robot and a movable circular object amidst polygonal obstacles. Figure 23: The problem of rotational pushing. (A) describes a square object aligned to the grid. The dots show all possible (discretized)(More)
The field of neutron imaging has a broad scope of applications and has played a pivotal role in visualizing and quantifying hydrogenous masses in metallic matrices. The field continues to expand into new applications with the installation of new neutron imaging facilities.
The gamma-ray scanning technique is widely used for evaluating the operating characteristics of distillation columns considered as the most critical components in petrochemical plants. Gamma-ray scanning provides essential data to optimize the performance of the columns and to identify maintenance requirements. New and more efficient data acquisition and(More)
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