Rabindra Narayan Mahapatra

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This paper presents a mapping scheme for p a d e l pipelined execution of the Backpropagation Learning Algorithm o n dtktributed memory multiprocessors (DMMs). The proposed implementation ezhibits training set parallelism that involves batch updating. Simple algorithms have been presented, which allow the data transfer involved in both forward and backward(More)
The selection of robot for a particular application is a critical issue and it depends on large number of parameters. With changing product design parameters, improving robot technology the problem of robot selection has been of concern to users. This problem has become more difficult in recent years due to increasing complexity, available features, and(More)
Even after rapid development of encryption and decryption algorithms, the communication channels still face acute threat of illegal intelligence gathering. The science of steganography has also simultaneously emerged as a means of covert communication. One major reason is spread of digital images as means for passing classified information include the easy(More)
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