Rabindra Kumar Behera

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1. Introduction This paper proposes a control technique for navigation of intelligent mobile robots. Cooperative behaviours using a colony of robots are becoming more and more significant in industrial, commercial and scientific application. Applications in the area of service robotics demand a high degree of system autonomy, which robots without learning(More)
Heat stress has adverse effects on fertility of dairy animals. Decline in fertility is linearly associated with an increase in combination of both temperature and humidity. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between temperature humidity index (THI) and the pregnancy rate of Murrah buffaloes in a subtropical climate. The effects of(More)
Ferritins, complex protein nanocages, form internal iron-oxy minerals (Fe2O3·H2O), by moving cytoplasmic Fe2+ through intracage ion channels to cage-embedded enzyme (2Fe2+/O2 oxidoreductase) sites where ferritin biomineralization is initiated. The products of ferritin enzyme activity are diferric oxy complexes that are mineral precursors. Conserved,(More)
This paper describes an application of combined model of extrapolation and correlation techniques for short term load forecasting of an Indian substation. Here effort has been given to improvise the accuracy of electrical load forecasting considering the factors, past data of the load, respective weather condition and financial growth of the people. These(More)
Manufacturing of sound casting is the main aim for foundry men. To achieve this number of trial casting has carried out on the shop floor and one repetition can take up a week or more, which affects the regular production. Many researchers reported that about 90% of the defects in castings are due to wrong design of gating & risering system and only 10% due(More)
Ferritin has a binuclear non-heme iron active site that functions to oxidize iron as a substrate for formation of an iron mineral core. Other enzymes of this class have tightly bound diiron cofactor sites that activate O2 to react with substrate. Ferritin has an active site ligand set with 1-His/4-carboxylate/1-Gln rather than the 2-His/4-carboxylate set of(More)
Metabolism of iron derived from insoluble and/or scarce sources is essential for pathogenic and environmental microbes. The ability of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to acquire iron from exogenous ferritin was assessed; ferritin is an iron-concentrating and antioxidant protein complex composed of a catalytic protein and caged ferrihydrite nanomineral synthesized(More)
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