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Lapse time and frequency-dependent coda wave attenuation for Delhi and its surrounding regions
Abstract Attenuation of seismic wave energy of Delhi and its surrounding regions has been estimated using coda of local earthquakes. Estimated quality factor (Qc) values are strongly dependent onExpand
ARS-GIS based Spatial Analysis and Assessment on the Urban Growth of Delhi National Capital Territory (NCT) from 1977 to 2014
 Introduction: Rapid urbanization and urban growth, particularly in the developing worlds, is continuing to be one of the crucial issues of global change in affecting the physical dimensions ofExpand
Journey of Regionalism On and Along the Track of Nationalism and Federalism in Indian Democracy-A Critical Geo-Political Analysis
Regionalism in Indian Politics is fast spreading across various states of India. It has become a striking feature of the Indian political party system. The rise of regional political parties haveExpand
Contribution of Gauripur zamindar Raja Prabhat Chandra Barua: - A historical analysis
The zamindary of Gauripur situated in the district of Goalpara (undivided), now present district of Dhubri. Gauripur zamindary is larger in size than any other zamindary in Goalpara. The size ofExpand
Existence and Experience of Purba Medinipur Coastal Belt on its Morpho-Dynamic Journey with the Distinctive Geology and Geomorphology
This paper reflects the development of coastal existence of Purba Medinipur along the diversified Bengal Coast. In detail study on Medinipur coastal territory shows that sea levels remained veryExpand
Think Ecology , Do Ecology and Save Ecology ‖ – Is it a Better Pathway to the Long-lasting Green Economy instead of the Mythical Efforts as Green Growth or Sustainable Development , or Not ... ?
It is twenty four years since the Rio conference which debated on „Our Common future‟ and the passage of the Agenda 21 which summarizes the core thinking of the global community on the question ofExpand
"Emergence and Activities of Self-Help Group (SHG)-A Great Effort and Implementation for Women's Empowerment as well as Rural Development": A Study on Khejuri CD Blocks in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
The budding social consciousness from corner to corner of the globe has brought a number of issues to the fore among which gender impartiality and empowerment of women are very noteworthy.Expand
A Short account of the historical geography of Early Assam
The study of historical geography now becomes one of the important components for discovery of early history in accurate form. From ancient time Indian philosophers and writers of Dharmasastra paidExpand