Rabin A. Sugumar

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Cache miss characterization models such as the three Cs model are useful in developing schemes to reduce cache misses and their penalty. In this paper we propose the OPT model that uses cache simulation under optimal (OPT) replacement to obtain a finer and more accurate characterization of misses than the three Cs model. However, current methods for optimal(More)
Set-associative caches are widely used in CPU memory hierarchies, I/O subsystems, and file systems to reduce average access times. This article proposes an efficient simulation technique for simulating a group of set-associative caches in a single pass through the address trace, where all caches have the same line size but varying associativities and(More)
Due to increasing cache-miss latencies, cache control instructions are being implemented for future systems. We study the memory referencing behavior of individual machine-level instructions using simulations of fully-associative caches under MIN replacement. Our objective is to obtain a deeper understanding of useful program behavior that can be eventually(More)
Simulation time is often the bottleneck in the cache design process. In this paper, algorithms for the eecient simulation of direct mapped and set associative caches are presented. Two classes of direct mapped caches are considered: xed line size caches and xed size caches. A binomial tree representation of the caches in each class is introduced. The xed(More)
Vector instruction sets are receiving renewed interest because of their applicability to multimedia. Current multimedia instruction sets use short vectors with SIMD implementations, but long vector, pipelined implementations have a number of advantages and arc a logical next step in multimedia ISA development. Support for conditional operations (as occur in(More)
Traditional supercomputers use a flat multi-bank SRAM memory organization to supply high bandwidth at low latency. Most other computers use a hierarchical organization with a small SRAM cache and slower, cheaper DRAM for main memory. Such systems rely heavily on data locality for achieving optimum performance. This paper evaluates cache-based memory systems(More)
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