Rabih Saab

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Electroencephalograms (EEGs) provide a noninvasive way of measuring brainwave activity from sensors placed on the scalp. In this paper we present an approach to measure coupling, or synchrony, between various parts of the brain, critical for motor and cognitive processing, using wavelet coherence of EEG signals. We provide an argument, highlighting the(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine if novel methods establishing patterns in EEG-EMG coupling can infer subcortical influences on the motor cortex, and the relationship between these subcortical rhythms and bradykinesia. BACKGROUND Previous work has suggested that bradykinesia may be a result of inappropriate oscillatory drive to the muscles. Typically, the signal(More)
An algorithm that computes nonparametric maximum likelihood estimates of a mixing distribution for a logistic regression model containing random intercepts and slopes is proposed. The algorithm identifies mixing distribution support points as the maxima of the gradient function using a direct search method. The mixing proportions are then estimated through(More)
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