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The objective of this study was to investigate potential for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) using a newly developed, geometrically detailed, finite element head model (FEHM) within the concept of a simulated injury monitor (SIMon). The new FEHM is comprised of several parts: cerebrum, cerebellum, falx, tentorium, combined pia-arachnoid complex (PAC) with(More)
Symbol Units Description 8 Dimensionless scaling factors which are ratios between fundamental properties (length, mass, modulus, etc.) which characterize the two systems that are compared E MPa Modulus of elasticity F f Mpa Failure stress of tissue p Probability of injury p-value Statistical measure of the appropriateness of the model from regression(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin D is essential for skeletal growth, but there are currently no guidelines for vitamin D supplementation after infancy. This study investigates vitamin D insufficiency in healthy children. METHODS Children ages 10 to 16 years from 3 private schools in Beirut, Lebanon, with differing socioeconomic status (SES) were studied: 169 in the(More)
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