Rabie El-Said Abdel-Halim

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This is a detailed study of the technique of cystolithotomy as practiced by the Muslim surgeon Alzahrawi (Albucasis) in Cordova more than 1000 years ago. In addition to translating the relevant chapter in his book Al-Tasreef, his technique is critically evaluated comparing it with that of his predecessors and his successors. The study confirmed the(More)
This primary-source study of 4 medical works of the 13th century Muslim scholar Ibn Al-Nafis confirmed that his Kitab Al-Mujaz Fi Al-Tibb was authored as an independent book meant to be a handbook for medical students and practitioners not as an epitome of Kitab Al-Qanun of Ibn Sina as thought by recent historians. His huge medical encyclopedia, Al-Shamil,(More)
OBJECTIVES Transurethral vaporization resection of the prostate (TUVRP) is a recent modification of the standard transurethral prostatectomy (TURP). The procedure uses one of the novel, thick resection loops coupled to augmented electrocutting energy. We evaluated the safety and efficacy of TUVRP in comparison with TURP. METHODS Sixty-eight patients with(More)
This paper reports a fluoroscopic study of ureteric peristalsis during intravenous pyelography in 32 patients with urinary bilharziasis and 13 non-bilharzial controls with normal intravenous pyelograms. Ureteric peristalsis is reduced in parallel with urographic signs of involvement. The role of fluoroscopic examination of the ureters in staging bilharzial(More)
In a marked shift from the modern positivist materialist philosophy that influenced medical education for more than a century, Western medical educators are now beginning to realize the significance of the spiritual element of human nature. Consensus is currently building up in Europe and North America on the need to give more emphasis to the study of(More)
This study of the Arabic 4-volume book of Al-Mukhtar Fi Al-Tibb (Choice Book on Medicine) written by the Muslim physician Muhadhdhab Al-Deen Al-Baghdadi (515-610 H, 1117-1213 AD) aimed at evaluating his contributions to the progress of medicine and urology along with providing English translations of relevant excerpts. Al-Baghdadi laid emphasis on the(More)
Fifty patients suffering from the late effects of urinary bilharziasis were studied. A preliminary idea about the incidence of bilharzial cancer in the endemic area of Jeezan is presented. The role of ileal loop ureteric replacement in extensive ureteropathy is emphasized. A scheme is proposed for the categorisation of bilharzial patients on the basis of(More)
This study of the original Arabic edition of the book Al-Taisir Fil-Mudawat Wal-Tadbeer (Book of Simplification Concerning Therapeutics and Diet) written by the Muslim physician Abu-Marwan Abdel-Malik Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar, 1093-1162 AD) aimed at evaluating his contributions to the progress of surgery and providing English translations of relevant excerpts.(More)
This is a study and translation of the section on pericarditis in Al Taisir book written by the Muslim physician Ibn Zuhr Avenzoar who lived and practiced in Eshbeelia nowadays Seville, Andalusia, Spain between 1091-1162 AD. Ibn Zuhr described the serous type of pericarditis as well as the pathological findings in fibrinous pericarditis. His description of(More)
This paper evaluates the progress of anatomy and dissection during the Middle Ages both in Europe and in the Muslim World. For that purpose, the functional anatomy of the ureterovesical junction and the mechanism of micturition were studied both in the works of Galen (130-200 AD) and in the works of 6 Islamic medical scholars who lived in the period from(More)