Rabie El-Said Abdel-Halim

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In a marked shift from the modern positivist materialist philosophy that influenced medical education for more than a century, Western medical educators are now beginning to realize the significance of the spiritual element of human nature. Consensus is currently building up in Europe and North America on the need to give more emphasis to the study of(More)
Little is known about the state of experimentation in the field of medicine during the Medieval Islamic era. With few exceptions, most of the contemporary sources on history of medicine propagate the idea that the roots of experimental medicine in its modern form, including clinical trials and drug-potency studies, first started during the European(More)
The Medical Poem ("Al-Urjuzah Fi Al-Tibb") of Ibn Sina (Avicenna, 980-1037), is the subject of this primary-source study evaluating its scientific value, poetics and pedagogical significance as well as assessing its role in the transmission of medical knowledge to Medieval Europe. In addition to one original manuscript and two modern editions, the English(More)
In this study, the means utilized by the Qur'ān in actualizing the possibilities of all intellect to face the problem of blind imitation of ancestors were elaborated. Rationality as meant by the Qur'ān and embodied in its unique style is presented. Furthermore, the Qur'ānic documentation of the role of practical demonstration on the individual's mind as(More)
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