Rabie Abdel Halim

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The use of anticoagulants, for whatever indication, may carry a high risk of hematoma formation following surgery. Obstructive uropathy is a very rare but possible example of complication secondary to an extensive pelvic hematoma. We describe a case of a patient with rheumatic heart disease and aortic valve replacement, who developed a massive postoperative(More)
Two alloantisera and a monoclonal antibody (mAb 53-6.7) of proven specificities to the murine Lyt-2/3 macromolecule labeled, in indirect immunofluorescent assays, a distinct lymphocyte population in the toad, Bufo regularis. Lyt-2/3 antigenic activities expressed by B. regularis lymphocytes have been solubilized and purified by mAb 53-6.7 affinity(More)
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