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Virtualization has significantly improved hardware utilization, thus, allowing IT service providers to offer a wide range of application, platform and infrastructure solutions through low-cost, commoditized hardware. In this paper we focus on one such layer: storage virtualization, which enables a host system to map a guest VM's file system to almost any(More)
Wireless community these days debate frequently about convergence (next generation) network, a wireless system that is likely to appear after the successful deployment of the current third-generation (3G) systems. Towards convergence of various wireless networks, the integration of universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS) and wireless local area(More)
In the era of internet, users are keen to discover more in the web. As the number of web pages increases day-by-day malicious web pages are also increasing proportionally. This paper focus on detecting maliciousness in a web page using genetically evolved fuzzy rules. The above formed rules are filtered by Support Vector Machine and finally storing the(More)
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