Rabah Maoudj

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— This paper presents an implementation on the fixed-point DSP chip of an interference cancellation algorithm containing a linear system. Difficulty in matching the algorithms performance obtained in full precision (IEEE float-point) implementation to those given by a finite precision tends to increase when the algorithms contains one or several linear(More)
This paper presents a two-part decomposition of a spatial filter having to optimize the reception of a useful signal in the presence of an important co-channel interference level. The decomposition highlights the role of two parts of the filter, one devoted to the maximization of the signal to noise ratio and the other devoted to the interference(More)
— This paper presents a self-adjustment of the length of the channel impulse response using a classical Cholesky Factorization. This is of special importance in the context of algorithms containing a matrix inversion and the rank of this matrix is strongly related to the length of the channel impulse, i.e. interferer cancellation algorithm [1]. When the(More)