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With the recent comprehensive mapping of cancer genomes, there is now a need for functional approaches to edit the aberrant epigenetic state of key cancer drivers to reprogram the epi-pathology of the disease. In this study we utilized a programmable DNA-binding methyltransferase to induce targeted incorporation of DNA methylation (DNAme) in the SOX2(More)
Basal-like breast cancers are highly aggressive malignancies associated with very poor prognosis. Although these cancers may initially respond to first-line treatment, they become highly resistant to standard chemotherapy in the metastatic setting. Chemotherapy resistance in basal-like breast cancers is associated with highly selective overexpression of the(More)
The aberrant epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressor genes (TSGs) plays a major role during carcinogenesis and regaining these dormant functions by engineering of sequence-specific epigenome editing tools offers a unique opportunity for targeted therapies. However, effectively normalizing the expression and regaining tumor suppressive functions of silenced(More)
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