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Using epidemiologic data, in an earlier study we formulated the hypothesis that estrogens can delay the onset of schizophrenia in females by raising the vulnerability threshold for this disease. In animal experiments, Häfner and colleagues found evidence that chronic estradiol treatment reduces the sensitivity of dopamine (D2) receptors in the brain. In the(More)
The authors investigated 31 drug-free inpatients with major depression using dl-fenfluramine (dl-FEN) as a serotonin probe (fenfluramine stimulation test, FFT). The FFT was performed in the same individuals (intraindividual comparison) with and without application of dl-FEN and before and after antidepressive treatment. Blood samples were analyzed for(More)
Cerebrolysin (Cere) is a compound with neurotrophic activity which has been shown to be effective in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD) in earlier trials. The efficacy and safety of repeated treatments with Cere were investigated in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study. One hundred and forty-nine patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical medicine and healthcare policy are increasingly guided by randomized controlled trials, which in turn are dependent on the validity of placebo control. It is important to understand the effects of placebo control on outcome measurement, especially for assessment of symptoms and functional impairments where subjectivity, expectancy, and(More)
In the course of a 16 weeks' interval treatment of migraine in connection with two multicenter double-blind studies, flunarizine was compared with propranolol in patients suffering predominantly from "classical migraine". Eighty-seven patients from 12 outpatient departments were admitted to the first study, while 434 patients from 99 medical practices(More)
We investigated whether subclinically hyperthyroid individuals selected from a nonpatient working population exhibit similar impairments to those found in studies with patients. Sixteen subclinically hyperthyroid subjects without apparent reason (SH-0) and 15 subclinically hyperthyroid subjects on levothyroxine (SH-T4) were compared with 27 euthyroid(More)
Rats were given galactosamine 1 g/kg i.p. Pretreatment with propylthiouracil 14 days prior to intoxication and surgical thyroidectomy 10 days prior to intoxication significantly reduced the elevation of SGOT and GLDH activities and protected against hepatocellular necrosis 28 h after intoxication. T3 and T4 levels decreased significantly within the first 2(More)
Because maintenance antivertiginous treatment with commonly used drugs is only moderately effective, there is still need for new therapeutic concepts in the therapy of vestibular vertigo. The cerebral calcium antagonist flunarizine (Sibelium) revealed positive vestibular effects in experimental animal studies and in healthy volunteers. Clinical trials(More)
The study reported here was undertaken to establish the degree to which a person in a preclinical state of hyperthyroidism, with (by definition) euthyroid T3 and T4 levels but suppressed TRH on testing, already exhibits psychological changes and clinical symptoms. Two groups of 20 patients each, with clear clinical and preclinical hyperthyroidism (as(More)
The efficacy and tolerance of 20 mg flunarizine i.v. were tested in comparison with placebo in a multicentre randomised double-blind trial in the acute treatment of migraine attacks. Sixty case reports were included in the evaluation; 31 patients were treated with flunarizine and 29 with placebo. Flunarizine proved to be significantly superior in its effect(More)