Raafat S. Hannallah

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The greatest advance in pediatric pain medicine is the recognition that untreated pain is a significant cause of morbidity and even mortality after surgical trauma. Accurate assessment of pain in different age groups and the effective treatment of postoperative pain is constantly being refined; with newer drugs being used alone or in combination with other(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid sequence intubation (RSI) has been an established practice, but is not without risks to patient. In different situations, a modification of the standard RSI technique may be more appropriate. The definition of a modified rapid sequence intubation (MRSI) is not well-documented. The purpose of this survey was to determine the working(More)
The choice of an anesthetic technique for the pediatric patient should ensure smooth induction, quick emergence at the end of surgery, prompt recovery in the PACU, and rapid discharge with no or minimal pain and/or PONV. Inhalation induction has long been favored by children and pediatric anesthesiologists. For over three decades, halothane has been the(More)
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