Ra Hee Kwon

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Human intervention can be replaced through the development of tools resulting from utilization of sensing devices possessing a wide range of applications including humanoid robots or remote and minimally invasive surgeries. Similar to the five human senses, sensors interface with their surroundings to stimulate a suitable response or action. The sense of(More)
A Si/Ge-based heterojunction arch-shaped gate-all-around (GAA) tunneling field-effect transistor (TFET) which applicable for future mobile communication systems has been design and analyzed. Based on our previous work, which investigate Si-based arch-shaped GAA TFET, a Si/Ge heterojunction structure is adopted for engineering the tunneling bandgap. The(More)
We propose InGaAs-based junctionless transistor (JLT) with dual-spacer dielectric and a gate length (LG) of 5 nm for low power loss and high frequency mobile network system. The dual-spacer dielectric consisting of HfO2 and SiO2 increases an effective gate length (Leff) due to a high fringe field. The increased Leff reduces significantly the off-state(More)
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