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Water from swimming pools in the Miami area was analyzed for nitrates, chlorates and trihalomethanes. The average concentrations of nitrate and chlorate found in freshwater pools were 8.6 mg/liter and 16 mg/liter respectively, with the highest concentrations being 54.9 mg/liter and 124 mg/liter, respectively. The average concentration of total(More)
We report for the first time the synthesis of monoclinic WO3 quantum dots. A solvothermal processing at 250 °C in oleic acid of W chloroalkoxide solutions was employed. It was shown that the bulk monoclinic crystallographic phase is the stable one even for the nanosized regime (mean size 4 nm). The nanocrystals were characterized by X-ray diffraction, High(More)
Basic IC fabrication techniques are employed in this paper with the purpose of designing a microfluidic device with a 3D electrode arrangement to separate live and dead biological cells. This is done using the concept of dielectrophoresis, which describes the transnational motion of particles due to the application of a non-uniform electrical field. The(More)
TiO2 anatase nanocrystals were prepared by solvothermal processing of Ti chloroalkoxide in oleic acid, in the presence of W chloroalkoxide, with W/Ti nominal atomic concentration (R(w)) ranging from 0.16 to 0.64. The as-prepared materials were heat-treated up to 500 °C for thermal stabilization and sensing device processing. For R(0.16), the as-prepared(More)
Periodic density functional calculations probe that step edges play a key role as source of defects during self-assembly. It is shown that the self-assembly process strongly reduces the energy required to strip an atom from the gold surface, locally increasing the concentration of surface defects. The thermodynamic driving force for the atom stripping is(More)
SnO2 nanocrystals were prepared by precipitation in dodecylamine at 100 °C, then they were reacted with vanadium chloromethoxide in oleic acid at 250 °C. The resulting materials were heat-treated at various temperatures up to 650 °C for thermal stabilization, chemical purification and for studying the overall structural transformations. From the crossed use(More)
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