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Development, characterization and inheritance of new microsatellites in olive (Olea europaea L.) and evaluation of their usefulness in cultivar identification and genetic relationship studies
Twelve new microsatellites have been developed in olive. For that purpose, a genomic library of the olive cultivar ‘Arbequina’ was enriched for GA, GT and ACT repeats. Two methods of screeningExpand
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Optimal spatial and temporal replications for reducing environmental variation for oil content components and fruit morphology traits in olive breeding
The need for new improved cultivars adapted to modern cultivation techniques and changing climatic environment requires genetic studies able to provide a better understanding of the phenotypicExpand
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Module of investments for energy efficiency of buildings: Review and application to fuel poverty indicator
In the present paper has been prepared a module of investments for energy-efficient retrofitting, in the framework of a work coordinated by the Grupo de Termotecnia and Arditec from Universidad deExpand
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Identificación de hogares vulnerables a partir del concepto pobreza energética: Indicador y modelo de evaluación
espanolPoder identificar aquellos hogares en una situacion de vulnerabilidad, entendida como aquella situacion determinada por factores fisicos, sociales, economicos, ambientales, y de confort queExpand
Genetic Mapping and Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci
Olive tree is a long-living woody species with similar genomic and phenotypic constraints to other perennial fruit crops. However, compared to apple, grape, and peach, genomic investigations forExpand