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Whole cell biosensors (WCBs) have multiple applications for environmental monitoring, detecting a wide range of pollutants. WCBs depend critically on the sensitivity and specificity of the transcription factor (TF) used to detect the analyte. We describe the mechanism of regulation and the structural and biochemical properties of TF families that are used,(More)
A cytometric method for the estimation of end-point conjugation rates is developed and adapted to surface conjugation. This method improves the through-put of conjugation assays based on replica-plating and results in less noisy experimental data. Although conjugation on solid surfaces deviates from ideal conditions in which cells are continuously mixed,(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes progressive liver fibrosis in liver transplant recipients and is the principal cause of long-term allograft failure. The antifibrotic effects of sirolimus are seen in animal models but have not been described in liver transplant recipients. We reviewed 1274 liver recipients from 2002 to 2010 and identified a cohort of HCV(More)
Hyperacute kidney rejection is unusual in crossmatch positive recipients of simultaneous liver-kidney transplants (SLKT). However, recent data suggest that these patients remain at risk for antibody-mediated kidney rejection. To further investigate the risk associated with donor-specific alloantibodies (DSA) in SLKT, we studied 86 consecutive SLKT patients(More)
To study cases of foreign bodies (FB) in the tracheobronchial tree investigating the clinical and radiological FB characteristics, complications and endoscopic and surgical intervention. Medical and radiological records review of all FB aspiration cases treated at São Paulo State University Hospital over the last 30 years. One hundred and sixty-four FB(More)
Several strains and genera of yeast, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae D5A, Pachysolen tannophilus, S. cerevisiae K-1, Brettanomyces custersii, Candida shehatae, and Candida acidothermophilum, are screened for growth on dilute acid-pretreated softwood prehydrolysate. Selected softwood species found in forest underbrush of the western United States, which(More)
Conventional clinical thermometry has important limitations. A continuous monitoring of temperature may offer significant advantages, including the use of chronobiological and complexity analysis of temperature profile and eventually the identification of a “pre-febrile” pattern. We present a clinical model designed to measure, store and/or transmit in real(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Although it is considered standard of care to obtain blood cultures on patients hospitalized for pneumonia, several studies have questioned the utility and cost-effectiveness of this practice. The objective of this study is to determine the impact of emergency department (ED) blood cultures on antimicrobial therapy for patients with(More)
This retrospective study describes 14 cases of intercostal nerve mononeuropathy (INM) found in 5,560 electromyography (EMG) exams performed between January 1991 and June 2004 in our University Hospital. Medical charts of all patients with history of thoracic pain and EMG diagnosis of intercostal mononeuropathy were reviewed. INM was detected in 14 patients;(More)
The authors conducted a retrospective analysis of 28 case-reports of patients with kidney transplants who had been investigated by ultrasonography. The most representative cases in the 8 patients in whom this examination revealed the presence of surgical complications are described. They included three cases of urinoma, in one case with associated(More)