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Electron states and electron Raman scattering in semiconductor double cylindrical quantum well wire.
The differential cross section for an electron Raman scattering process in a semiconductor GaAs/AlGaAs double quantum well wire is calculated, and expressions for the electronic states are presented.Expand
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Theory of Correlated Pairs of Electrons Oscillating in Resonant Quantum States to Reach the Critical Temperature in a Metal
The formation of Correlated Electron Pairs Oscillating around the Fermi level in Resonant Quantum States (CEPO-RQS), when a metal is cooled to its critical temperature T=Tc, is studied. The necessaryExpand
Numerical Verification of the Lagrange's Mean Value Theorem using MATLAB
In this paper, we present numerical exploration of Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorem. It considers a representative group of functions in order to determine in the first place, a straight line thatExpand
Numerical Study of Functions of Potential Energy in Dynamic of Particles and Systems
The purpose of this work is to obtain the numerical solution of the most used potential energy functions in the explanation of physical phenomena and particle systems by using Matlab. The main ideaExpand