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The establishment of sustainable soil waste management practices implies minimizing their environmental losses associated with climate change (greenhouse gases: GHGs) and ecosystems acidification (ammonia: NH3 ). Although a number of management strategies for solid waste management have been investigated to quantify nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) losses in(More)
Sufficient nutrient application is one of the most important factors in producing quality citrus fruits. One of the main guides in planning citrus fertilizer programs is by directly monitoring the plant nutrient content. However, this requires analysis of a large number of leaf samples using expensive and time-consuming chemical techniques. Over the last 5(More)
The objective of this work was to study the co-composting process of wastes from the winery and distillery industry with animal manures, using the classical chemical methods traditionally used in composting studies together with advanced instrumental methods (thermal analysis, FT-IR and CPMAS 13C NMR techniques), to evaluate the development of the process(More)
A plot study was conducted to assess changes in Cd phytoavailability to a tomato cultivar in an agricultural soil in Southeastern Spain amended in two different ways (A and B), under controlled conditions. The experimental soil corresponded to a fine-loamy carbonatic thermic Calcidic Haploxeroll (Soil Survey Staff, Keys to Soil Taxonomy, eighth ed., USDA,(More)
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