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The role of nonlinear diiusion terms in the stability of periodic solutions in the regime of spatio temporal chaos is studied. The stabilization of unstable plane waves in the Complex Ginzburg Landau equation in weakly chaotic regimes such as phase turbulence and spatiotemporal intermittency or in strong chaotic ones like defect turbulence is demonstrated.
We propose a simple microscopic model for active nematic particles similar in spirit to the Vicsek model for self-propelled polar particles. In two dimensions, we show that this model exhibits a Kosterlitz-Thouless-like transition to quasi-long-range orientational order and that in this nonequilibrium context, the ordered phase is characterized by giant(More)
Coherence evolution of two food web models can be obtained under the stirring effect of chaotic advection. Each food web model sustains a three-level trophic system composed of interacting predators, consumers, and vegetation. These populations compete for a common limiting resource in open flows with chaotic advection dynamics. Here we show that two(More)
We show that memory, in the form of underdamped angular dynamics, is a crucial ingredient for the collective properties of self-propelled particles. Using Vicsek-style models with an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process acting on angular velocity, we uncover a rich variety of collective phases not observed in usual overdamped systems, including vortex lattices and(More)
We study the propagation of fronts in extended oscillatory reaction-diffusion systems that contain several coexisting limit cycles. In contrast with the variational behavior, fronts between regions oscillating in two different limit cycles are found to propagate not necessarily towards the region of the less stable limit cycle, but towards the regions of(More)
We study the spatiotemporal dynamics, in one and two spatial dimensions, of two complex fields which are the two components of a vector field satisfying a vector form of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. We find synchronization and generalized synchronization of the spatiotemporally chaotic dynamics. The two kinds of synchronization can coexist(More)