Raúl Mendoza Quiñones

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INTRODUCTION Perceptual-attentional disorders other than hallucinations in schizophrenic patients have been studied little. In this work, the results of the Spanish version of the SIAPA scale to detect perceptual-attentional anomalies to real stimuli other than hallucinations in a sample of schizophrenic patients in a community study in Cuba are presented.(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of the Family Interview for Genetic Studies (FIGS), has made it possible to advance in the performance of family studies for research in genetic psychiatry. This study aimed to adapt this interview into Spanish and develop a validation process of the FIGS in a sample of Cuban families with a family background of schizophrenia. METHODS(More)
Endophenotypes have emerged as an important concept in the study of schizophrenia. Perceptual/attentional anomalies were examined as potential endophenotypes in a family study using a strategy for "multiplex/simplex schizophrenia". The sample was comprised of 797 subjects: 206 schizophrenia patients, 302 first-degree relatives and 289 controls. The Spanish(More)
INTRODUCTION N200 and P300 event-related evoked potentials provide sensitive measurements of sensory and cognitive function and have been used to study information processing in patients with schizophrenia and their unaffected first-degree relatives. Reduced amplitude and increased latency of N200 and P300 potentials have been consistently reported in(More)
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