Raúl Mendoza Quiñones

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The impairment of the Trail Making Test (TMT) performance as a measure of executive function deficits has been found both in patients with schizophrenia and in their unaffected first-degree relatives, suggesting that it might be considered as a familial vulnerability marker, but its heritability estimates are not well known. This study investigated the(More)
Based on two primary motivating factors, namely the successful functional grafting of embryonic nervous tissue to brain in animal models of neurological disorders, and the need of new therapeutic alternatives for many patients with severe Parkinson's disease, a
319 From 1987 to the present our Cuban Centre has performed more than 30 foetal nigral transplants to the striatum in patients with Parkinson's disease. To study the improvement reported in dopaminergic drug response and the decrease L-Dopa daily dose together with better motor performance /1/, the present pharmacological trial was applied to four(More)
32 S. Guerra López1, 2 J. Iglesias Fuster1 M. Martín Reyes1 T. M. Bravo Collazo1 R. Mendoza Quiñones1 A. Reyes Berazain1 M. A. Pedroso Rodríguez2 T. Días de Villarvilla1 M. Antonieta Bobés1 M. Valdés-Sosa1 1Department of Biological Psychiatry Cuban Neuroscience Center Havana 2Department of Clinical Neurophysiology Moron General Hospital Ciego de Ávila, Cuba(More)
INTRODUCTION In recent years, reports of attentional deficits in schizophrenic patients and in their biological relatives have rapidly increased, including an important effort to search for the endophenotypes in order to link specific genes to this illness. Posner et al. developed a test, the Attention Network Test (ANT), to study the neural networks. This(More)
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