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Drawing from an analogy between features based Product Line (PL) models and Constraint Programming (CP), this paper explores the use of CP in the Domain Engineering and Application Engineering activities that are put in motion in a Product Line Engineering strategy. The start idea is simple: both CP and PL engineering deal with variables, and constraints(More)
Software Product Line Engineering is a mature approach enabling the derivation of product variants by assembling reusable assets. In this context, domain experts widely use Feature Models as the most accepted formalism for capturing commonality and variability in terms of features. Feature Models also describe the constraints in feature combinations. In(More)
Product line engineering is a reuse-driven development paradigm based on the management of variability, which was successfully applied in information systems engineering and other domains. A common way to represent variability is with variability models that describe artefacts, and the dependencies between their various inflexions. Constraint programming,(More)
Product line models are important artefacts in product line engineering. One of the most popular languages to model the variability of a product line is the feature notation. Since the initial proposal of feature models in 1990, the notation has evolved in different aspects. One of the most important improvements allows specify the number of instances that(More)
—The success of a product line is the ability to improve application engineering, heavily depends on the quality of Product Line Models (PLMs). This paper reports on our effort to develop a method that exploits mining techniques such as the apriori algorithm, independence tests and the like to automate the construction of a PLM specified with FORE, starting(More)
The verification of variability models is recognized as one of the key challenges for automated development of product lines. Some computational tools have been proposed to verify product line models and product line configurations models. VMWare is a tool integrating different criteria to verify structural and semantic correctness of models derived from(More)