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Gonadotropin secretion in teleosts is known to be stimulated by gonadotropin hormone releasing hormone (GnRH) and inhibited by dopamine. This study has investigated the effects of administration of pimozide (PIM) alone or in combination with an analogue of GnRH on plasma 17 beta-estradiol (17 beta-E) levels and the gonadosomatic index. Adult Diplectrum(More)
  • R Manrique
  • 1987
In a group of 20 homozygous (SS) sickle cell patients (age range 8-28 years) determinations of red blood cell and platelet calcium as well as platelet aggregation and platelet malondialdehyde formation were performed before and after oral treatment with 28.4 mg/kg daily pentoxifylline (Trental) for 30 days. After a previous observation period, drug(More)
Transmetalation of an aminocarbene moiety from [W(CO)5{C(NEt2)R}] to palladium leads to isolable monoaminocarbene palladium aryl complexes [{Pd(mu-Br)Pf[C(NEt2)R]}2] (R = Me, Ph; Pf = C6F5). When [W(CO)5{C(OMe)R}] is used, the corresponding palladium carbenes cannot be isolated since these putative, more electrophilic carbenes undergo a fast migratory(More)
Bei Patienten, die unter der Behandlung eines 3/4-oxy-Kumarinpräparates (Markumar „Roche“) stehen, wird durch Injektion eines bakteriellen Endotoxines (Pyrexal „Wander“) eine vermehrte Gerinnungsfähigkeit und eine Aktivierung des fibrinolytischen Systems ausgelöst. Die als Folge der Kumarin-Therapie verlängerte Gerinnungszeit wird bis zum Normbereich(More)
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