Raúl Herranz

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To determine the prevalence of central nervous system damage due to ethanol, we evaluated 40 asymptomatic chronic alcoholics and 20 age-matched controls. Studies included neuropsychological testing, brain 99mTc-HMPAO SPECT, and morphometric analysis by CT scan. In the qualitative analysis, 30 of the 40 alcoholics showed hypoperfused areas on SPECT scan. In(More)
Seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana were sent to space and germinated in orbit. Seedlings grew for 4d and were then fixed in-flight with paraformaldehyde. The experiment was replicated on the ground in a Random Positioning Machine, an effective simulator of microgravity. In addition, samples from a different space experiment, processed in a similar way but fixed(More)
Research in microgravity is indispensable to disclose the impact of gravity on biological processes and organisms. However, research in the near-Earth orbit is severely constrained by the limited number of flight opportunities. Ground-based simulators of microgravity are valuable tools for preparing spaceflight experiments, but they also facilitate(More)
In bilaterians, the main regulator of muscle contraction is the troponin (Tpn) complex, comprising three closely interacting subunits (C, T, and I). To understand how evolutionary forces drive molecular change in protein complexes, we have compared the gene structures and expression patterns of Tpn genes in insects. In this class, while TpnC is encoded by(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relationship between biochemical markers of bone turnover and bone scan indices of disease activity, as well as to analyze their variations based on skeletal involvement, in Paget's disease. METHODS Serum samples were obtained from 51 patients with Paget's disease to determine the levels of total alkaline phosphatase (total AP),(More)
In Drosophila melanogaster two high molecular weight tropomyosin isoforms, historically named heavy troponins (TnH-33 and TnH-34), are encoded by the Tm1 tropomyosin gene. They are specifically expressed in the indirect flight muscles (IFM). Their N-termini are conventional and complete tropomyosin sequences, but their C-termini consist of different(More)
Troponin C (TpnC), the calcium-binding subunit of the troponin regulatory complex in the muscle thin filament, is encoded by multiple genes in insects. To understand how TpnC genes have evolved, we characterized the gene number and structure in a number of insect species. The TpnC gene complement is five genes in Drosophilidae as previously reported for D.(More)
Biological systems respond to changes in both the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields, but as experiments in space are expensive and infrequent, Earth-based simulation techniques are required. A high gradient magnetic field can be used to levitate biological material, thereby simulating microgravity and can also create environments with a reduced or(More)
Interest in the assessment of activity of Paget's disease has increased since the advent of effective therapies. The aim of this study was to develop a quantitative method for the scintigraphic assessment of Paget's disease activity in bone. Twenty patients with Paget's disease were studied prospectively. A scintigraphic visual activity index, together with(More)
Cell growth and cell proliferation are intimately linked in the presence of Earth’s gravity, but are decoupled under the microgravity conditions present in orbiting spacecraft. New technologies to simulate microgravity conditions for long-duration experiments, with stable environmental conditions, in Earth-based laboratories are required to further our(More)