Raúl Héctor Gallard

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Over the past few years, a continually increasing number of research efforts have investigated the application of evolutionary computation techniques for the solution of scheduling problems. Scheduling can pose extremely complex combinatorial optimization problems, which belong to the NP-hard family. Last enhancements on evolutionary algorithms include new(More)
In distributed systems, load distribution and balancing are primary functions addressed to improvements on system performance and additional user comfort. Incoming task allocation and remote process execution are main responsibilities of a well designed system to achieve such performance improvements. Both aspects involve a number of non trivial tasks.As a(More)
Minix is a Unix clone Operating Systems to be run on IBM PCs and compatibles, designed by Tanembaum [10] for courses in the area.Accepting the Tanembaum's proposal, this document describes the results of some extensions on the internal work of Minix as an exercise on Operating Systems Design and Implementation that attempts to transfer that experience to(More)
Minix is a Unix clone Operating System, designed by Tanembaum ([2],[3]) to allow beginners to do practical training in Operating Systems area.In this context the present paper describes the work done by a group of students implementing alternative process schedulers disciplines and their evaluation comparing performance estimates.Some unexpected deviations(More)
LAHNOS is a Local Area Heterogeneous Operating System [1] being currently developed at the Universidad Nacional de San Luis over which distributed services are to be built. This paper shows some enhancements to be introduced into the original design in order to achieve automatic allocation of remote execution requests to the best fitted node under some(More)
Absrracr: Dynamic scheduling can be classified as partial or total. In simplest partially dynamic problems the only unknown attribute of a jab is its arrival time '/. In some totally dynamic problems, other job attributes such as processing time ph due date d, and weights w,, are also unknown until processing. This paper proposes two approaches to face(More)