Raúl González-García

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Giant cell granuloma is a relatively rare benign entity but can be locally aggressive. Histologically characterized by intense proliferation of multinucleated giant cells and fibroblasts. Affects bone supported tissues. Definitive diagnosis is given by biopsy. Clinically manifest as a mass or nodule of reddish color and fleshy, occasionally ulcerated(More)
PURPOSE The purposes of the present study were: to compare the resonance frequency analysis (RFA) values of implant placed in either ramus or calvaria block grafts; and to determine if implant diameter influences RFA implant stability quotient (ISQ) value. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a retrospective study that included 16 consecutives healthy patients(More)
Massive arterivenous malformations (AVM) in the cervico-facial area are rare but potentially life-threatening. Treatment protocols are not well-established. A 41-year old man presented large painless rubber-like mass within the entire neck, which also extended intraorally through the floor of the mouth, showing a slow growing pattern for 5 years.(More)
Primary malignant melanoma of the oral cavity is a rare neoplasm, especially on the tongue. We report a case of mucosal melanoma at the base of the tongue, an extremely rare location (only about 30 cases have been reported in literature). The extension study doesn´t revealed distant metastatic lesions. The patient was treated by subtotal glossectomy and(More)
BACKGROUND A response surface analysis was performed to study the effect of the composition and feeding thermal conditions of ternary mixtures on the number of theoretical stages and the energy consumption of Petlyuk columns. A modification of the pre-design algorithm was necessary for this purpose. RESULTS The modified algorithm provided feasible results(More)
We present a modification of the traditional Le Fort I osteotomy by means of which the anterior nasal spine is left intact. The osteotomies advance from the posterior-lateral side of the maxillary bone through the tuberosity to the inferior-lateral wall of the piriform opening. Two other vertical osteotomies from the lateral side of the piriform opening are(More)
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