Raúl Fernández

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This document is a work of the U.S. Government and is in the public domain. It may be distributed and copied subject to the following stipulation: Copyrights to graphics included in this document are reserved by original copyright holders or their assignees, and are used here with permission. on matters involving science and technology policy," and "shall(More)
  • Lin Zhong, Wang, +37 authors Maureen O 'brien
  • 2005
PCAST " shall advise the President… on matters involving science and technology policy, " and " shall assist the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in securing private sector involvement in its activities. " The NSTC is a cabinet-level council that coordinates interagency research and development activities and science and technology policy(More)
The Global Drylands Observing System proposed in this issue should reduce the huge uncertainty about the extent of desertification and the rate at which it is changing, and provide valuable information to scientists, planners and policy-makers. However, it needs careful design if information outputs are to be scientifically credible and salient to the needs(More)
Disturbances in semiarid environments have revealed a strong connection between water, salt and vegetation dynamics highlighting how the alteration of water fluxes can drive salt redistribution process and long-term environmental degradation. Here, we explore to what extent the reciprocal effect, that of salt redistribution on water fluxes, may play a role(More)
Semantic Web and grid computing are critical factors in the next Web intelligence generation. A fundamental aspect inside this challenge is the provision of a wide disseminated platform of abstract resources that permit us to get the right information at the right time. Grid services could be understood as proper requesting resources (agents, databases,(More)
This paper presents a modulation scheme in order to reduce conducted Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) generated by modular power converters with parallel topology. The proposed scheme is based on a combination of interleaving and Switching Frequency Modulation (SFM) techniques. The objective of this modulation scheme is to cancel certain harmonics of EMI(More)
—This paper addresses the design of high-Q passive inductors and differential transformers in a low-power low-noise amplifier (LNA) application. The passives quality in resonant LC tanks as well as in the matching network and degeneration inductors has been improved by balancing the trade-off between ohmic losses and Eddy current degradation. As a result,(More)
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