Raúl Fernández

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Previously we have demonstrated in two monotocous species (bovine and sheep), a relationship between time of insemination, moment of ovulation, and embryo sex ratio. Here, we have analyzed in a polytocous specie (mice) if in addition to pre-conceptional mechanisms, also post-conceptional ones affect the offspring sex ratio. To verify this hypothesis we(More)
Digital literacy for teachers has been a widely studied topic in recent years, and several studies have been conducted featuring student-oriented ICT competency models and frameworks. This research aims to develop a teacher-oriented ICT Competency Framework for Cuban Tourism and Hotel Management School instructors, on the one hand, to have reference points(More)
—This paper addresses the design of high-Q passive inductors and differential transformers in a low-power low-noise amplifier (LNA) application. The passives quality in resonant LC tanks as well as in the matching network and degeneration inductors has been improved by balancing the trade-off between ohmic losses and Eddy current degradation. As a result,(More)
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