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Condensin is a conserved chromosomal complex necessary to promote mitotic chromosome condensation and sister chromatid resolution during anaphase. Here, we report that yeast condensin binds to replicated centromere regions. We show that centromeric condensin relocalizes to chromosome arms as cells undergo anaphase segregation. We find that condensin(More)
Chemokines are extracellular mediators of complex regulatory circuits involved principally in cell-to-cell communication. Most studies to date of the essential chemokine Cxcl12 (Sdf-1) have focused on the ubiquitously expressed secreted isoforms alpha and beta. Here we show that, unlike these isoforms and all other known chemokines, the alternatively(More)
Recombinase mediated cassette exchange (RMCE) is a two-step process leading to genetic modification in a specific genomic target sequence. The process involves insertion of a docking genetic cassette in the genome followed by DNA transfer of a second cassette flanked by compatible recombination signals and expression of the recombinase. Major technical(More)
Sister chromatid intertwines (SCIs), or catenanes, are topological links between replicated chromatids that interfere with chromosome segregation. The formation of SCIs is thought to be a consequence of fork swiveling during DNA replication, and their removal is thought to occur because of the intrinsic feature of type II topoisomerases (Top2) to simplify(More)
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