Raúl Cicero

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Mycobacterium bovis can be an important etiological agent for extrapulmonary (EP) manifestations of tuberculosis, especially in HIV-infected persons. From January 2000 to December 2003, M. bovis as a cause of EP tuberculosis was investigated at the Pneumonology Service, Hospital General de Mexico, Mexico City. Eighty HIV-positive (HIV+) patients and 83(More)
To test the efficacy of intrapleural fibrinolytic therapy in patients with loculated pleural effusions, we conducted an open, prospective, and multicenter trial among five hospitals in Mexico. We enrolled patients with hemothorax or empyema, clotted and/or loculated, that was not resolved through conventional pleural drainage with chest tube and antibiotics(More)
BACKGROUND Subglottic stenosis is an ancient but persistent problem as a cause of airway obstruction. The etiology and the results of surgical treatment with thyrotracheal anastomosis were reviewed. METHODS Fifty-six patients with subglottic stenosis were studied. All were subjected to laryngotracheal reconstruction by thyrotracheal anastomosis with(More)
Twenty-one consecutive cases of esophageal fistulae (EF), were studied to assess their etiology, the associated thoracopulmonary pathology and evaluate the usefulness of simultaneous partial exclusion of the esophagus and treatment of the present thoracopulmonary complications. EF were 6 cervical, 13 thoracic and 2 abdominal. The different types were:(More)
UNLABELLED Descending necrotizing mediastinitis (DNM) is a serious disease of the mediastinum; early diagnosis and treatment may lower the high mortality rate of this disease. OBJECTIVE To know the frequency of DNM in an intensive respiratory care unit. MATERIAL AND METHODS This is a retrospective, transversal, and observational trial of a series of(More)
Open window thoracostomy (OWT) and plastic surgery using myocutaneous flaps of extrathoracic muscles, was done in nine patients with chronic empyema, after conventional therapy had failed. In all these patients, the pleural cavity and bronchopleural fistulas, when present, closed within eight to 61 days (mean 30), after the second stage of surgery(More)
Transthoracic needle biopsy (TNB) was performed in 344 cases of intrathoracic pathology. In 60 of them, the material obtained was inadequate. In the remaining 284, the possibilities of TNB to identify malignant cells were evaluated. Of them, 202 had neoplastic lesions and 82 had nonneoplastic processes. Among the neoplastic cases, malignant cells were found(More)
We performed a retrospective chart review to evaluate the indications for endotracheal intubation via flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy in patients who were scheduled for surgery or who were hospitalized in the intensive care unit of our 1100-bed, tertiary care university hospital. We reviewed 9201 clinical records of anesthetic procedures during which(More)
Survey among the workers of a general hospital to investigate how may of them smoke by means of a closed questionnaire given to 1092 Subjects. Smoking habit was positive in 678 (62.1%) and negative in 414 (37.9%); statistical difference was significant p 0.01. The rate for nocturnal workers was 80.0 in comparison with those of the morning and evening with(More)