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Contenido de flavonoides y compuestos fenólicos de mieles chilenas e índice antioxidante
A comparison of the phenolic content of several Chilean honeys showed great variations in flavonoid concentration among the samples analysed. Higher amounts of phenolics are found in honey from dryExpand
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Estandarización en propóleos : antecedentes químicos y biológicos.
El propoleos es un producto apicola resinoso y complejo, con una variable apariencia fisica, recogido y transformado por las abejas meliferas (Apis mellifera) desde la vegetacion que visitan. SeExpand
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Cladistic relationships in the genus Schizanthus (Solanaceae)
Abstract The cladistic relationships between Schizanthus species, based primarily on morphology, and chemical characters when available are presented. In this investigation we did not find supportingExpand
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Iridoids from Stachys grandidentata
Abstract Monomelittoside, melittoside, 8-acetyl-harpagide, harpagide, ajugol, 5-desoxy-harpagide, 5-desoxy-8-acetyl-harpagide and catalpol were isolated from the aerial parts of S. grandidentata.
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Subject and Source Cuscuta L. (Cuecutaceae subgenus Grammica) is represented in Central Chile by two species, C. micrentha Choisy and C. chilensis KerI-Gawl. They are holoparesites of herbs andExpand
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Actividad antibacteriana y antifúngica de mieles monoflorales de Quillaja saponaria, especie endémica de Chile
Resumen. En mieles monoflorales de la especie chilena Quillaja saponaria se detectaron los compuestos fenólicos: ácido cumárico y ácido salicílico, la flavona naringenina y el flavonol kaempferol,Expand
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Propolis standardization: a chemical and biological review. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(1):17-26.
Propolis is a natural product dispensed in pharmacies and natural product warehouses. Its properties have long been acknowledged in traditional medicine, yet presently there is no monographicExpand
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Iridoids from Stachys grandidentata (Labiatae).
Monomelittoside, melittoside, 8-acetyl-harpagide, harpagide, ajugol, 5-desoxy-harpagide, 5-desoxy-8-acetylharpagide and catalpol were isolated from the aerial parts of S. grandidentata.
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Phenolic Compounds of Propolis from Central Chilean Matorral
Abstract Pinocembrin, acacetin, galanguin, izalpin, kaempferide, prenyletin and diarytheptane were isolated from propolis from Central Chile.
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Hydrothermal treatment of bottom ash from the incineration of municipal solid waste: retention of Cs(I), Cd(II), Pb(II) and Cr(III).
The retention of Cs+, Cd2+, Pb2+ and Cr3+ by the compounds formed as a result of the hydrothermal treatment of the bottom ash from the fluidized-bed incineration of municipal solid wastes is examinedExpand
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