Raúl Armando Salomón

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OBJECTIVES Starting from the observation that Escherichia coli tolC mutations severely reduced the high-level resistance to tetracycline afforded by Tn10- and plasmid-encoded Tet(A) pumps, we studied the mechanism of this susceptibility. METHODS The MIC of tetracycline for MC4100 tolC::Tn10 and several tolC mutants carrying the Tn10 in other sites on the(More)
The Escherichia coli sbmA gene has been identified in screens for mutants resistant to the peptide antibiotics microcin B17 and microcin J25, the glycopeptide antibiotic bleomycin and eukariotic peptide antibiotics. Homologs of sbmA have been found in a wide variety of bacteria; however, the natural function of SbmA remains unknown. We demonstrate here that(More)
The role of lipid transfer proteins during plasma membrane biogenesis was explored. Developing amphibia embryos were used because during their growth an active plasma membrane biosynthesis occurs together with negligible mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum proliferation. Sonicated vesicles, containing 14C-labeled phospholipids and 3H-labeled triolein,(More)
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